Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a locksmith do?

Simply put, a locksmith is a professional who works on locks, wherever they may be (doors, windows, cars, etc.). They take care of everything related to locks – installation, repair or adjustment.

Q: Do locksmiths need qualifications to operate in Melbourne?

Yes. In order to activate as a locksmith in Melbourne, you need to poses a Certificate III in Locksmithing issued under the Australian Government. Currently, you need to find an employer who will take you on as an apprentice or trainee, then make the necessary arrangements with the Australian Apprenticeship Center (AAC).

Q: What Is Key Cutting?

Key cutting is the process in which the unique profile of a key is being developed by a machine. Most key cutting machines copy the profile of an existing key to create a new one, which adds to the precision of the process.

Q: What Is A Dead Lock?

A dead lock (or dead bolt) is a device which cannot be moved to the “open” position without rotating the cylinder with a key. This makes the device much harder to unlock without the correct key, providing added security. Lots of insurance companies currently require you install dead locks instead of traditional locks on your doors and windows.

I’ve Lost My Car Keys, can you help?

Yes, we do offer this kind of emergency service in the Melbourne area.

Q: Should I Change Locks After Buying A New Home?

Absolutely. The safety of your home and family is something much too important to overlook. If changing all the locks in your house is too expensive or very hard, you do have a cheaper option: rekeying the existing locks so that previous keys won’t work.

Q: Is It Worth Getting Digital Keyless Locks For My House?

From a security standpoint, there’s isn’t any difference between a digital lock and a traditional lock. Digital locks are currently being installed by tech-passionate clients, so if you fit this category, getting one could be a good idea.

Q: How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

The cost of the locksmith varies with the jobs he performs for you. If it’s a house visit, the locksmith will be charging a mobility fee, then charge you by the hour, like any other professional. Extra key copies, rekeying your locks or installing/uninstalling locks are other tasks which each carry their own fee.




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